Our History

The Durham Chapter of The Widows Sons was formed on 1st January 2015 by members of Freemasons Lodges within the Province of Durham.

We are the Durham Chapter of The Widows Sons of Great Britain.

The first Chapter of The Widows Sons was founded in the United States of America in 1999. The association quickly grew in popularity and spread across the States and into Canada.

The Widows Sons arrived in Great Britain in 2004 formed by a group of Masons in the Nottinghamshire area. Since then we have grown substantially and now cover most of the UK.

Chapters of The Widows Sons can be also be found across Europe. 

In February 2010 The Presidents Governing Board was formed as the ruling body for The Widows Sons, the membership is made up of the Presidents, Vice Presidents and the Past Presidents of each chapter in Great Britain.

The Widows Sons of Great Britain is the trading name of The Widows Sons Masonic Bikers Ltd., we are a registered independent entity and recognised by The United Grand Lodge of England.

Aims & Objectives

By raising funds through donations, organised events and social activities we hope to support Masonic charities and raise awareness of Freemasonry within our community.

We hope to assist neighbouring provinces and national chapters of The Widows Sons in their endeavours to encourage growth and prosperity within our fraternity.

Above all The Durham Chapter of The Widows Sons hope to combine our passion for biking and our enthusiasm for Freemasonry, enabling us to promote both within the Province of Durham.